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Cgm c p
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Frap Tools CGM Channel

滿 NT$ 3,000 全台免運費

促銷價 NT$ 7,550

30 利率,每期 NT$ 2,516
60 利率,每期 NT$ 1,258


保固資訊:1 年保固 (不包含: 配件、線材、modular)
滿 NT$ 3,000 全台免運費
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Creative Mixer


Key Features

  • top-notch stereo VCA on the gain stage of each Channel
  • CV over PAN
  • top-notch VCA over sends and stereo VCA over returns
  • direct output for multitrack recording and parallel processing
  • pre/post fader switch for direct out and sends
  • mechanical latching Mute, PreFaderListening and Solo in Place (with activation control)
  • modular structure to build your own tailored mixer
  • pro-audio analog design



Size 6HP each module

Depth 43mm

Channel Power Requirements

  • 80mA +12V idle, 104mA max
  • 80mA -12V idle, 100mA max

Group Power Requirements

  • 80mA +12V idle, 120mA max
  • 75mA -12V idle, 115mA max

Master Power Requirements

  • 62mA +12V idle, 101mA max
  • 44mA -12V idle, 85mA max

Maximum drawing measured with heavy driven output onto low impedance load


The CGM Creative Mixer is a modular mixing solution for eurorack modular systems, designed to obtain a flexible setup, providing all the tools you may need in studio and during a live performance, as well as everything you may want to control via CV. Up to 8 Channels may be connected to a single Group, taking care also of its powering. You can connect also up to 4 Groups to a Master module.


It manages mono signals via the 3.5 mm input mono jack. It has a main stereo VCA with CV in and attenuator (RED), a direct output post main VCA (pre or post fader), two parallel sends with mono VCA with CV in and attenuator for each send and pre/post fader switch (YELLOW and GREEN), and a PAN control with offset CV and offset pot. This, together with the latching buttons for mute, solo in place, and PFL, manages the incoming signal and distributes it to the Group module.


It gets and sums the L/R post fader signals (WHITE) of all the linked Channels, sums all the signals from the YELLOW and GREEN sends, and manages the sends (mono) and returns (DUAL MONO or STEREO), summing it to the signals from the CHANNELS. It also manages the solo in place activation on all the linked Channels, and provides a L/R output for the outgoing signal, or (via a jumper on the back of the module) a L/R output of the sum of the returns signals.


It sums the incoming signals from the Groups, and manages the PFL (stereo) of both Channels and Groups. It also features a stereo in via a 3.5 mm stereo jack with PFL latching button and a stereo out via 3.5 mm stereo jack for headphones, whose signal can be blended between PFL (BLUE) and main out (WHITE).



Why Pro Audio

When we started designing the CGM, the first thing in our MUST HAVE list was quality.

That’s why we used the same solutions used in any top quality studio mixer, compressing each module in 6HP.

And it worked pretty good.

Modular structure

The CGM is designed to be flexible. A single channel works as a top-class VCA with a final volume pot. Add a group, and you can start getting the advantage of the two send&return and a stereo out. Add more channels to a group to take advantage of the MUTE & SOLO functions. Then, add a master to use your headphones with the MAIN OUT, the PFL, or mix between them. The master module also let you manage multiple “channels -> group” configuration.

Each master module manages up to 4 group. Each group manages up to 8 channels. This means that each CGM system is capable of 8 send/returnand 32 channels, with the highest quality possible.

Solo Safe Switch

The SOLO SAFE function is fundamental when playing live.

With this switch you can keep the SOLO buttons of the channel connected to a group deactivated, so you can avoid to accidentally activate it. This is extremely useful also to prepare the different channels that you want to put in solo in advance, and use the SOLO SAFE switch as a master control.

PFL (Pre Fader Listening)

PFL is a must for any mix situation. When activated on the groups it puts in the PFL channels the sum of the connecter channels and of both stereo returns. The master channel features a blend control between PFL (blue) and main output signals (white), so you can change on the fly what you’re hearing in your headphones.


Groups manages all the incoming signal from the connected channels including their send/return signals. Since you can use up to 4 groups connected to a single master, you can get up to 8 different send/return.

Also, since “there are never enough VCAs“, with CGM you get VCAs everywhere: VCAs over any send and stereo VCAs over both green and yellow returns.



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