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Tiptop Audio Station 252 外殼

購物滿 NT$ 5,000 免運費

NT$ 69,000

- 3 / 6 期分期 0 利率
- 滿 NTD 5,000 亞洲區免運費


付款方式: 7 11 Family mart Hilife Ok Visa Jcb Atm Cash delivery

Station 252 was hand assembled with the utmost care and assurance of mechanical precision. Each part was machined to its exact dimensions and size, so it is good to note that parts -- notably the holes for the locking-pins and the kickstand hinge -- may be a little stiff at first; however with regular use, over time your case will become smoother to operate.

The Station 252 is compatible with all Cincon power supplies.

These power supplies are universal and can be used in both 110VAC and 220VAC without the need of a transformer. For more information check out the Zeus Q-C Manual -> http://www.tiptopaudio.com/manuals/zeusqc.pdf