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BJOOKS 「 Pedal Crush 」 Stompbox 效果器大全

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保固資訊:1 年保固 (不包含: 配件、線材、modular)
滿 NT$ 3,000 全台免運費
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先前推出的 Push Turn Move 和 Patch & Tweak 您都看完了嗎?如今作者 Kim Bjørn 再出新的一集 PEDAL CRUSH。介紹用來創作音樂的效果器,包含踏板式吉他效果器、達人們和創造者的分享。


還記得不久以前 Kim Bjørn 在 Kickstarter 募資推出 PUSH TURN MOVE 音樂百科全書嗎? 正式販售後,銷售良好,而後續又和 Chris Meyer 一起推出了 PATCH & TWEAK ,專門講模組化合成器。如今 KIM 又再度推出第三本 PEDAL CRUSH !


PEDAL CRUSH 是專門在講踏板式效果器,並且預計在 3/26 會在 Kickstarter 公開。上一本公開後 10 分鐘就達到集資目標,相信這一次也會迅速達成。 最後來看看關於這本書的目錄吧。


  • INTRODUCTION Pre-amps, amps, pedal boards, playing styles, power, and utilities - everything you need to get started.
  • GAIN Pre-amp, Overdrive, Fuzz, Distortion, Bit crush.
  • DYNAMICS Noise gate, Boost, Compressor.
  • FILTER EQ, Filter, Wah wah, Talk box.
  • PITCH Harmonizer, Octave/Pitch shifter, Synth, Whammy.
  • MODULATION Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Vibrato,
  • Vibe, Rotary, Ringmodulation.
  • TIME Delay, Reverb, Looper, Granular/Freeze, Doubler. • MULTI-FX All-in one pedals, Creative pedals.







電子音樂百科全書 《Push Turn Move》 的作者推出免費線上教學影片!

電子樂器介面的設計百科全書 - PUSH TURN MOVE 已達募資標準!

PATCH & TWEAK 募資達成,即將正式推出!



PEDAL CRUSH is a trip into the expansive, eclectic, and mesmerizing world of effects pedals. It examines the stompbox phenomenon as a means of creative expression and personal sound shaping. Bursting with color photos and illustrations, it systematically covers over 800 pedals – from vintage to cutting edge, from the essential to the exotic, from popular classics to boutique wizardry. PEDAL CRUSH also dives deep into techniques, tips and tricks, pedalboards, software, and more.


  • A detailed and richly illustrated look at stompboxes and how they are used

  • By Kim Bjørn and Scott Harper

  • Foreword by Steve Vai

  • Edited by Mike Metlay

  • 800+ pedals

  • 50 interviews with musicians and pedal makers 

  • 200+ tips and tricks for using effect pedals

  • Full-color photos and illustrations

  • Hardcover

  • 376 Pages

  • Dimensions: 245 x 245 mm

  • In Englis



  • A detailed exploration of the world of stompbox effects – not just for guitarists

  • Comprehensive explanations of effect concepts – how they work, why they work, and how they sound

  • The history of effect pedals

  • Tips and tricks for using effects

  • Popular, rare, and unusual pedals

  • Interviews with pedal makers and inspiring artists

  • Tips for creating a pedalboard


Meet the makers, and artists

Apart from the systematic sections on effect types, and general subjects, PEDAL CRUSH features interviews with the passionate makers of effects pedals, and the artists who use them. We have already started interviewing - and when more artists, and makers are confirmed, we will keep you updated. Besides the interviews, the chapters are spiced up with fact boxes, and sidebars on artists' famous/favorite pedals, tips and tricks, and information on techniques and what to look for.

Interviews with artists using effects pedals:

Like in our two previous books, readers will meet a range of inspiring artists ranging from known guitar masters to creative artists like Ed O'Brien (Radiohead), Dub FX, Hainbach, Trentemøller, Lara Somogyi, Nels Cline, Nick Reinhart, Tycho, DJ Kid Koala, and many others. 



interviews with pedal makers and brands

Pedal creators and brands, which are particularly evident to the scene, are featured in specific interviews, such as BOSS, Strymon, Zvex Effects, Chase Bliss Audio, Electro-Harmonix, Empress Effects, Keeley Electronics, Death By Audio, EarthQuaker Devices, TC Electronic, Hologram Electronics, and many more.


Overall structure and main sections

The book is divided in main sections of effect types. Each chapter within these introduce technical, usable, and audible features of the effect, and ramps up from basic options to effects pedals with more advanced combinations. The sections of the book will all contain contemporary effects as well as historic touch points, vintage rarities, and "oddballs." 



Kim Bjørn, Creator and co-author

Known for PUSH TURN MOVE featuring a foreword by Jean-Michel Jarre, and praised as “the bible of electronic music instruments”, as well as PATCH & TWEAK exploring modular synthesis. On PEDAL CRUSH Kim is working with selected content providers to create a beautiful, contemporary but most importantly; interesting and informational book on guitar effects pedals.


Knobs, Co-author

Known for mesmerizing and cozy demo-video's of guitar pedals on YouTube, Knobs brings knowledge, creative tips, insights, and lots more to this book. 



Approx. 368 pages in full color. Hardcover. Dimensions: 24.5 x 24.5 cm (9.6 x 9.6 inches). Printed in Denmark on 130g acid-free quality paper.

Risks and challenges

As an author and designer, I, Kim have written and designed more than a handful of books before, so I know the process and what to do. All files involved in the production are backed up regularly to two different hardware locations and one cloud service.

The printing will be done in a reputable printing facility in Denmark, which is specialized in book printing. They have printed some of my books before, and that's why I chose them: They are easy to communicate with and delivers outstanding quality - it's the same printing facility as we used in printing PUSH TURN MOVE and PATCH & TWEAK.

The fulfillment is done by professional companies, who handle our usual shipping. They will be responsible for sending most of the books out, from the facilities in UK, Germany, and the US.

For the record: The book is completely commercial-free, and we are not paid to include any company, artist or product; content is selected purely by relevance to the overall purpose of the book. We are in close contact with the artists, makers, and designers contributing to this book and they trust us in our aim to deliver the best.


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