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PreSonus Studio One 4 Professional Upgrade From Artist 音樂工作站軟體升級(下載版)

滿 NT$ 5,000 全亞洲區免運費

促銷價 NT$ 9,700

30 利率,每期 NT$ 3,233
60 利率,每期 NT$ 1,616


保固資訊:1 年保固 (不包含: 配件、線材、modular)
滿 NT$ 5,000 全亞洲區免運費
付款方式: 7 11 Family mart Hilife Ok Visa Jcb Atm Cash delivery






下單之後 3-5 天會將序號以 Email 寄出


[email protected]



Studio One 4 是非常容易操作的 DAW,很快就能上手,這次的更新也著重在操作的核心、時間測試以及錄製音樂的模板,現代常出現的 Beat、Loop 等等,帶給你更多音樂的靈感,讓你更有效率並在單螢幕中處理多重音軌,各種直覺的處理編輯工具,以及更加進階的不同 Plug-in 、虛擬 Intrument 等等。





Arrangement / Editing

Chord Track

Real-time chord reharmonization of audio and instrument tracks

Intuitive Chord Selector

Automatic chord detection

Real-time chord input from MIDI device

Song key signature with detection

Chord transpose

ARA 2 support

Expanded “Send to Notion” option for lead sheet creation

Ripple edit mode

Relative bar offset for songs

“Remove gaps” for Events

Improved Note Repeat

Note Repeat now has its own section in the Record Panel

Activate/deactivate Note Repeat

Select a repeat rate

Activate/deactivate Note Erase

Set the gate time for notes

Use key or poly pressure to control note velocity

Quantize notes to the song grid (similar to Quantize in Impact XT)

Use Key Remote mode to control all Note Repeat functions from a keyboard controller.

In Single Mode, the last pitch played before the mode was turned on is triggered from all remote keys at different repeat rates

Set the base note for remote keys

Set the sound triggered by the remote keys

Sets the remote keys range; the higher the range, the more functions you can control using remote keys

With Note Erase active while in Record, playing a key will erase any note events recorded on that key

Pipeline XT

Automatic latency compensation: Instead of sending a “ping” through the external effects processor and adjusting the delay manually, you can now simply click the Auto button after setting up the send and return connections, and the latency will be measured and compensated automatically. You can then use the Offset parameter to make manual adjustments.

The maximum delay has been increased from 5,000 samples to 32,000 samples.

The stereo Pipeline XT plug-in now supports mono sends without losing a second hardware output.

As with Impact XT and Sample One XT, you can choose between eight background colors.

Take a snapshot of your external effects processor and drag it into the Pipeline XT center display to capture hardware settings for later “manual recall.” Click on the image to expand it to full size. You can switch between image view, ping view, and oscilloscope.

A new note pad allows you to add text notes to your presets to document specific setup instructions and parameter settings for your external hardware processor.

Background color, device names, custom images, and text notes are saved with your Pipeline XT presets.

Using Pipeline XT no longer forces real-time export and bouncing when Pipeline XT isn’t in the current audio signal chain.

Virtual Instruments – Impact XT

New look and feel

8 pad banks

32 outputs (16 stereo, 16 mono)

Color option for pads

New 24 dB zero-delay

Feedback filter

Filter drive and punch controls

Filter "soft" (clipping) mode

Pad and individual sample editing

New stack mode for layering samples on a pad

Real-time time-stretching (follow song tempo)

Trigger quantization

Sample choke with 32 choke groups

Reverse sample playback

Sample level normalization

Increased pitch envelope range (± 48 semitones or 8 octaves)

Improved sample navigation

Pad Follow mode for remote navigation

Drag-and-drop pad swapping

Drag-and-drop multiple samples at once

Optional auto-slicing on sample import (shift)

“Send to new Impact” shortcut in audio context menu

Drag-and-drop sample import from Sample One XT and Presence XT

Import and export of multisample files and ".soundx" containers

Eight user-selectable color themes

Virtual Instruments – Sample One XT

New look and feel

Record page with live sampling

Samples from any hardware input, send, output, other instrument

Auto-slicing mode creates new samples automatically with adjustable gate

Global and individual (sample) edit modes

FX section: modulation, delay, reverb, gater, EQ, distortion, pan

Expandable keyboard

Real-time time-stretching (follow song tempo)

Sample snap to zero crossing

Sample crossfade

Waveform slicing option

Sample trim option

Sample sustain, release, and ping-pong loop modes

Graphical envelopes with adjustable attack, decay, release curve shapes

Increased pitch envelope range (±48 semitones or 8 octaves)

Alternative trigger modes: normal, one-shot, toggle

Visual play cursor in waveform view

Sample reverse playback

Sample level normalization

New 24 dB zero-delay feedback filter

Filter drive and punch controls

Filter "soft" (clipping) mode

LFO random (sample+hold) mode

Master volume control

Adjustable voice limit

Import and export of multisample files and ".soundx" containers

Drag-and-drop export to Impact XT

Eight user-selectable color themes

Virtual Instruments – Presence XT Editor

Sample snap to zero crossing

Reverse playback option

1,000 choke groups

Music Editor

Drum Editor

Drum and Melodic Patterns and Variations

Patterns saved in Musicloop

Automatic mapping (Impact XT)

Alternate note coloring schemes

Sync option for editors

“Select notes…” options

New or improved note event options (Humanize, Length, Velocity, Delete Notes)

Multiple macro toolbars (page selection)

Improved multi-editing

Preserve and restore zoom states

Import / Export

Import song data

AAF import / export (supports Pro Tools, Logic, Nuendo, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, and others)

Embed WAV or AIFF audio files instead of referencing them

Split stereo tracks (important for exporting to Pro Tools)

Create copies of audio files in WAV or AIFF format, with a choice of resolution and sample-rate

Trim file sizes by eliminating unused regions, setting a head or tail to keep some audio outside the event ranges for controlling fades or crossfades

Export pan automation—or don’t if exporting to application that doesn’t recognize it (e.g., Logic Pro)

Legacy mode for exporting to an application that only imports AAF 1.0 (e.g., Digital Performer)

User Interface

Alternative “light” color scheme

Additional appearance presets

Updated mix console design

Track / Channel Notepads

Updated look for External Device panels and QWERTY keyboard

Windows 10: System DPI scaling option for third-party plug-ins

Windows 7: Re-enabled Enable High DPI Mode for improved system DPI scaling


New Sound Set “Impact XT Kits and Sounds” (1.8 GB)


External plug-in scanner (VST2, VST3)

MP3 encoding in all versions

Cue Mix Follows Channel option: Soloing a channel in the console won’t mute tracks in cue mixes

* Blue text indicates new in Studio One 4.1.



購物須知 Q&A

Q1 . 何謂鑑賞期?

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Q2 . 如何辦理退換貨?


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Q3 . 如何收到退款、需要多少時間?


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