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NIIO Analog Room

滿 NT$ 3,000 全台免運費

促銷價 NT$ 38,500

30 利率,每期 NT$ 12,833
60 利率,每期 NT$ 6,416


保固資訊:1 年保固 (不包含: 配件、線材、modular)
滿 NT$ 3,000 全台免運費
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ROOM is an analog audio processor created to shape and dynamically control the character and spatial field of any connected reverb.

-Use with any reverb for your choice of texture and sonic signature-



In its most basic usage, ROOM allows for the shaping of any connected reverb unit with direct control over the frequency range, amplitude, and stereo width. 
Delving deeper, ROOM creates a unique reverb sound field by allowing access to the INNER and OUTER stereo image from the reverb, each with control over its frequency range and amplitude level. The center vs stereo image can be instantly adjusted for creative shaping of the stereo depth of the reverb.
By mixing the amplitude level of the INNER vs OUTER sound fields, with adjustable variation to their frequency ranges, unique control of the depth of the reverb is directly available.
How ROOM transforms a reverb into a hypnotic experience is it allows for dynamic analog modulation of the INNER and OUTER audio layers, and transforms an otherwise static reverb into a living responsive sound field that moves with the source audio. ROOM creates a dynamic analog sound field that is both deeply mesmerizing and engaging, as the reverb is sculpted in a completely analog domain.

Control over frequency range is the most effective element in shaping the sound and body of a reverb.  ROOM allows control over the frequency range both Pre and Post reverb. Hi and Lo cut 12bd filters within the SEND audio path can limit the frequency range of the sound before it feeds the reverb unit.  In addition, 12db VCF circuits are within the POST reverb audio path and allow a different character of filtering over the reverb signal. POST reverb both the INNER and OUTER sound layers contain their own VCF circuit and can be modulated independently from the other. Used together, the Pre and Post filters offer flexible frequency control over the reverb.

ROOM is arranged in this way. The source sound is patched into ROOM with a mono input. This source sound is one of the three audio paths within ROOM. The DRY source and the INNER and OUTER sound fields make up the 3 audio layers. Each layer has its own manual volume knob, as well as the ability to independently compress or expand its volume level with an analog control signal coming from one of two modulation circuits. For example: the DRY audio is turned down as the center of the reverb is turned up.

ROOM moves the reverb with the music.
The movement is derived from 2 analog modulation circuits that are designed to respond to the audio with a separate basic style and output a unique modulation signal. These circuits intricately respond to the incoming audio with a complex and organic analog movement, dynamically moving the DRY, and INNER and OUTER reverb sound fields with the audio feeding ROOM. The modulators are widely adjustable for a creative range of control, and offer intriguing tools to shape and move an otherwise static digital atmosphere.


INPUTS mono IN, EXT (unbalanced 1/4”).
OUTPUTS stereo out (unbalanced 1/4”).
To REVERB mono SEND, stereo RETURN (unbalanced 1/4”).
POWER 90-264vac 47-63hz
(WxDxH) 19 x 2.5 x 5.25“ / 482 x 63.5 x 133mm
WEIGHT 7Ibs / 3.17kg







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