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FS: Roland Alpha Juno (synthPlus10)    by James Wilsey

Thumb alpha juno


型號:Alpha Juno


Need to make room for more gear. I already have a MKS70 and a 106 so this guy needs to go. Its a synthPlus10 which is really just an alpha juno re-branded for the home market. Its the same as an alpha. I have the manual and power cable, the backlight is dim which is standard for a synth this age.

Will trade for vintage samplers al la akai s612 or a Mirage. Also into rack FX's but please no local karaoke processors unless its something with analog BBD chips and spring reverb. Might also be interested in korg Volca stuff or a mk1 ablton push.

Sorry but my mandarin is non-exestint 

I live in Taichung and shipping is included in the price.


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價錢:NT$ 9,000