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Clavia Novation Roland AKAI    by Leo

Thumb dsc 2510


製造商:Clavia Novation Roland AKAI
型號:Nord Rack / Basstation Keyboard / PC-160 A / APC40


Selling these 4 pieces of gear from Tainan. I have a lot of experience packing and shipping electronic equipment before so I can send it to you safely and securely packaged if you live in Taipei. In case of shipping you will have to pay for the additional shipping fee (about 100-200 TWD)

/Leo - Slowdownsound (

AKAI APC40: very good condition, feels and looks as new. Comes with original shipping box, power adapter and USB cable 6500 - TWD. Much better build quality then the new APC 40mk2.

Clavia Nord Rack: SOLD

Roland PC-160A: Very nice midi keyboard. It says made in Italy on the backside, even if it is Roland. The keys feels great and the case is sturdy. Comes with power adapter. Good condition. 2900 TWD

Novation Bass Station Keyboard: SOLD


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