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Interactive Composition: Strategies Using Ableton Live and Max for Live 教材    by 林維震

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製造商:Oxford University Press


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Interactive Composition empowers readers with all of the practical skills and insights they need to compose and perform electronic popular music in a variety of popular styles. The book begins by introducing all of the tools involved in creating interactive compositions through the software Ableton Live and Max for Live. The following chapters then put the tools to use by both describing particular musical styles and also teaching readers how to compose and perform within these styles using the software. 

A particular feature of this book is that it discusses the historical context of several electronic music styles used by DJs, electronic musicians, and other artists, and then describes, using software, the technical process used in the composition and performance of these styles.


The book contains 11 amazing projects and many more techniques and sub-projects to explore in your classes or personal work.  Each project isdense with techniques like synth-building, patch programming, sampling methods, and more.

Ableton Project Files included, you can download from the Internet

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這本書會教你如何使用Ableton live和Max for live,在接下來的章節將會介紹如何運用Ableton live 和 Max for Live 進行編曲和表演

書裡頭包含了 11 個專案,每一個專案都包含豐富的音樂製作技巧, 像是如何編寫軟體合成器,軟體編程和採樣技巧等等


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